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AeroTrak Portable Particle Counter 8260

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Product Details

This unit has been discontinued as of April 15, 2009.

The AeroTrak Optical Particle Counter is a new addition to TSI’s full line of real-time particle measuring instruments including photometers for mass concentration, condensation particle counters for ultrafine particles and diffusion charging with electrometer signal for surface area measurement.

Typical applications include testing, monitoring and certifying cleanroom environments for electronics, medical devices, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceuticals, monitor gowning / ante rooms, testing filter performance and certify efficiency, researching particle counts and size distributions.

TSI offers two portable models of the AeroTrak Optical Particle Counter. The Model 8260 has a 1.77 CFM or 50 lpm flow rate and it counts in 6 user-selectable and adjustable bin sizes from 0.3 to 10 microns. The instrument feature an integral thermal printer for on-site printing and store over 100,000 data sets that can be downloaded for analysis and reporting using the included TrakPro™ Data Analysis Software. The AeroTrak Optical Particle Counters come with a three-year warranty and meet ISO 14644 and JIS standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Flow rate: 1.77 cfm (50 lpm) 
  • 6 user-selectable and adjustable bin sizes
  • Two-level location identification
  • Data log information, stores over 100,000 data sets
  • Easy to use, touch screen interface
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Meets ISO and JIS standards
  • TrakPro™ data analysis software


  • Meet regulations for certification of cleanrooms, safety cabinets, fume hoods, medical device manufacturing or in pharmaceutical preparation
  • Monitor ante/cloaking rooms
  • Check fume hoods
  • Check safety cabinets
  • Filter checks
  • Meet specifications such as air filter ratings
  • Verify HVAC equipment performance in building management
  • Check manufacturing processes 
  • Monitor particle migration from construction or remodeling

Included Items

  • Carrying case
  • NIST Calibration certificate
  • Zero Filters (2) 
  • TrakPro™ Data Analysis Software
  • Operation and service manual
  • Lithium ion battery

Download Software

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