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Aerosol Generators & Dispersers

    TSI Offers a Full Line of Aerosol Generators and Dispersers

    Aerosol generators and dispersers play a vital role in producing the aerosol required for an array of aerosol testing, production, and research. At TSI, we manufacture a full line of individual aerosol generators and dispersers capable of:

    • Producing monodisperse or polydisperse aerosols depending on the requirements of the application
    • Generating an aerosol in the form of a solid or a liquid
    • Providing an aerosol generation that can range from 3 nanometers (0.003 µm) to 200 µm in concentrations as high as 107 particles/cm3 
    Solutions for a Wide Range of Measurement Applications

    Such robust functionality in an aerosol generator or disperser is critical in such applications as: general aerosol generation, filter testing, deposition of nanoparticles onto surfaces, automotive-cabin and ventilation air-filter tests, and vacuum-cleaner performance tests to name a few.  For over 50 years, TSI’s aerosol generators and testing equipment continue to set the standard for these and other related aerosol generation and measurement practices. 

    Complete Aerosol Generation Systems from TSI

    In particular, TSI’s two complete aerosol generation systems, which include an aerosol generator and all of the required accessories, are the preferred choice of researchers in academia and industry.  In fact, our customers, who include highly respected institutions from across the globe, have grown to trust TSI’s precision aerosol generation instruments for their accurate and reliable performance over the years.

    Contact a member of the TSI team today to learn more about TSI’s aerosol generators and dispersers. We are confident we have the tools necessary to support whatever aerosol generation needs you might have.

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