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Aerosol and Dust Monitors

Real-Time Aerosol Monitoring Solutions

Aerosol monitors, commonly referred to as dust monitors, particulate monitors, light scattering laser photometers, and nephlometers, are used to measure dust, smoke, mist, fume, condensates, and fog. TSI Aerosol Monitors offer real-time, direct-reading results, which is quickly becoming an industry best practice in occupational hygiene, indoor air quality, and outdoor environmental fugitive emissions monitoring.  

Direct-Reading Aerosol Monitoring and Analysis

TSI Aerosol Monitors enable real-time, direct-reading aerosol monitoring and analysis in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications including:

  • Dust monitoring
  • Ambient monitoring
  • Work area monitoring
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Outdoor environmental fugitive emissions monitoring
  • HVAC and LEV monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality monitoring

Solutions for Area Monitoring and Breathing Zone Analysis 

  • TSI DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitors simultaneously measure both mass and size fraction, and offer aerosol monitoring and analysis - all in one instrument
  • TSI SidePak™ AM520 Personal Aerosol Monitor - the industry's smallest, most portable personal dust monitor on the market - is a rugged belt-mounted laser photometer used to reduce worker exposures and increase confidence of compliance before gravimetric testing

From handheld to desktop to personal aerosol monitors, no other manufacturer has the capability to perform real-time, direct-reading aerosol monitoring and analysis in any environment or application.


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Instrumentation for respirator fit testing, work area monitoring and/or personal exposure monitoring within indoor or outdoor environments


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