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Air Quality Monitoring

Countries across the globe have unique air quality monitoring regulations to characterize local air pollution.  The goal of this air quality monitoring is to protect humans and the environment from harmful air pollution. 

TSI Particle Instruments enable real-time air quality measurements of important metrics to help people better understand air quality.  With a focus on minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership, TSI's air quality monitoring instrumentation is reliable, easy to use in the field for both long-term and short-term deployments, and features research-level accuracy.

Air Quality Monitoring

Need Particle Mass (PM) Measurements for Air Quality Monitoring? Look to TSI's DustTrak Aerosol Monitors.
  • TSI's DustTrak aerosol monitors provide simultaneous air quality measurements of PM1, PM2.5, PM Respirable, PM10 and Total PM in real time without the use of cumbersome size-selective inlet conditioners.
  • Battery operation makes this instrument convenient, portable and affordable for air quality monitoring.
  • Major research groups and government air quality monitoring groups worldwide are successfully using the DustTrak DRX aerosol monitors for long-term, continuous PM measurements.
Research-grade Air Quality Monitoring Solutions for Ultrafine Particle Number and Size Distribution Measurements

TSI's Environmental Particle Counter (EPC) Model 3783 and ultrafine Particle (UFP) Monitor Model 3031 provide unique air quality measurements of ultrafine particle number (PN) and size distribution.  Ultrafine particles (<100nm) occur in massive numbers in urban air and are not well represented using traditional mass-based measurements.  Additionally, mounting toxicological evidence appears to indicate that UFP exposure is associated with negative health effects; because of this, instruments like TSI's EPC Model 3783 and UFP monitor Model 3031 are installed in a variety of air quality monitoring systems across the globe, allowing worldwide UFP concentration comparisons for the first time ever.

Contact TSI to learn more about air quality monitoring tools, particle counters and other instrumentation.

Looking for an efficient way to monitor dust outside?

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