Airflow Instruments Liquid Industrial Manometers

    Airflow™ Instruments Liquid Industrial Manometers Combine Quality Engineering and a High Performance Standard

    Airflow™ Instruments Liquid Industrial Manometers are suitable for positive, negative and differential pressure and combine low cost with quality engineering and a high standard of performance.

    High-Precision Liquid Manometers for Accurate Monitoring
    • Offering precision measurement with high clarity scale, the Airflow Liquid Manometer product line includes a variety of features to meet your application needs.
    • Basic gauges for filter monitoring in air handling systems
    • High-sensitivity inclined gauges for monitoring more critical process pressures
    • Vertical column gauges suitable for wall mounting or free standing use in the laboratory
    Robust Design to Meet All Application Demands

    Designed with robust construction, Airflow Liquid Industrial Manometers are ideal for industrial applications.

    • Based on two precision swivelling limb micromanometers, the Airflow™ Instruments Liquid Industrial Manometer Type 4 covers 0 to 5000 Pascals (0 to 20 in. H2O) with a total of seven limb positions, and has a resolution considerably better than 0.25 Pascals (0.001 in. H2O) on the most sensitive setting. 
    • More compact than the Type 4, the Airflow™ Instruments Liquid Industrial Manometer Type 5 was developed to meet the needs of engineers whose requirements do not extend to quite such high pressures, and who do not normally need the facility of using two manometers simultaneously.
    • The Type 504 Inclined Model’s long scale length offers precise measurement of low pressures.

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