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Airflow Instruments Velocity Meters

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    Dependable, Rugged Thermal Anemometers

    The dependable Airflow™ Instruments Thermal Anemometers measures air velocity and temperature, calculate flow rate and perform statistical calculations. Models are available that add a humidity measurement and perform dew point and wet bulb temperature calculations.

    Professionals have found Airflow velocity meters to be ideal face velocity meters for use in fume hoods and spray booths, or for indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilation system checks.

    The TA410 is an economical choice for air velocity meters without compromising accuracy or precision. The TA410 features a 101.6 cm (40 in.) telescoping integrated probe for difficult to reach measurements. 

    The Models TA430 and TA440 thermal anemometers are like having multiple instruments for the price of just one. These meters simultaneously measure and data log several ventilation parameters using a single probe with multiple sensors. Both models measure velocity, temperature and calculate flow. The TA440 also measures relative humidity, and calculates dew point, and wet bulb temperature. Models TA430 and TA440 have telescopic straight probes; Models TA430-A and TA440-A have telescopic articulated probes.

    Features and Benefits

    • Accurate air velocity measurements
    • Easy recording of multiple measuring points
    • Calculates valuable statistics—average, maximum and minimum values—and records the number of samples
    • Flow rate calculated automatically
    • Durable telescoping probe with etched length marks
    • Available with optional articulating probe
    • Model TA410 range: 0 to 4,000 ft/min (0 to 20 m/s)
    • Model TA430 and TA440 range: 0 to 30 m/s (0 to 6,000 ft/min)
    • Models TA430 and TA440
      • Simultaneously measure velocity and temperature
      • Calculates volumetric flow and actual/standard velocity
      • Measures humidity (Models TA440 and TA440-A)
      • Displays up to 3 measurements simultaneously
      • LogDat2™ downloading software included
      • Articulated probe versions available (TA430-A and TA440-A) 


    • HVAC system performance
    • Commissioning
    • Plant maintenance
    • Critical environment certification

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