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Alnor CompuFlow CO2 Meter CF910


Product Details

This unit has been discontinued as of December 31, 2011.  

The Alnor® CompuFlow® CO2 Meter CF910 is an excellent, cost-effective handheld diagnostic instrument for measuring and monitoring carbon dioxide levels. HVAC professionals use it for conducting IAQ surveys, and evaluating ventilation systems in schools, offices, factories and hospitals.

Features and Benefits

  • Statistics function for average, maximum, and minimum values
  • Real-time CO2 readings in parts per million (PPM) from 0–5000ppm
  • Large display
  • Integrated NDIR sensor
  • NIST-traceable calibration certificate included

Included Items:

  • Instrument
  • Hard carrying case
  • (4) AA alkaline batteries
  • Calibration collar
  • Operation and service manual
  • NIST calibration certificate

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