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Comments on the Title 24 Energy Code

TSI Incorporated has issued a statement of concerns regarding the 2013 Title 24 Energy Code outline that  proposes the removal of flow hoods for measuring supply and/or return flow in residential settings.

Read TSI comments and concerns for the 2013 Title 24 Energy Code »
Trusted Alnor® Instruments Designed for a Variety of Applications

TSI manufactures high-quality Alnor® air velocity equipment. The Alnor brand of handheld instruments is widely used by HVAC contractors, facility personnel, building engineers, safety officers and industrial hygienists worldwide.

Reliability and  Durability Backed by Experience

As a well known brand with years of experience to back it up, Alnor has earned a reputation for quality devices. TSI acquired the Alnor Instrument Company in 1995 and continues to uphold high industry standards of reliability and durability.

A Rich History of Innovation
  • Alnor, formerly known as Illinois Testing Laboratories, was founded in Chicago in 1919 as a repair and service center for precision instruments. The company grew over the years in response to a need for new products and measurement technologies. Many of these core technologies have withstood the test of time.
  • The Alnor Velometer and the Velometer Jr. were both introduced in the 1930s, and were the start of a long, successful series of products. Other successful products, like the Balometer Capture Hoods, were introduced more recently and have already become the standard in fields of HVAC testing and balancing.
  • The AirGard series, which include auditory and visual alarms, is another example of Alnor’s industry-leading product line.

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