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Work Area Monitoring

Common work area monitoring practices include walkthrough surveys, as well as unattended sampling in stationary, remote locations.  TSI offers a variety of handheld instruments that help identify "hot spots" during a walkthrough survey, as well as desktop instruments that are ideal for indicating temporal and/or spatial changes during unattended sampling over a long period.

Ambient Work Area Monitoring

Real Time Instruments for Immediate Monitoring Results

Committed to a partnership in protecting the health and safety of individuals and environments, TSI work area monitoring instruments provide real-time, direct-reading data for effective and immediate analysis and problem solving.

Performance Instruments Designed for Precision Measurements

TSI offers a variety of real-time, direct-reading instruments that offer repeatable, reliable readings, including:

  • Aerosol mass concentration (mg/m 3 ) - using a photometer like the DustTrak™ II or DRX, or the SidePak™ AM520
  • Ambient particle count (pt/ft 3 ) - using an optical particle counter like the AeroTrak® Model 9306-V2 or 9303
  • Ultrafine or nanoparticles (pt/cc) - using a condensation particle counter like the P-Trak® or the Model 3007
  • IAQ parameters (temperature, humidity, CO, CO 2 , and VOC's) - using a multi-parameter ambient air monitor like the Q-Trak™



Introducing the SidePak™ AM520 Personal Aerosol Monitor ----the perfect solution for real-time, personal aerosol sampling in a variety of workplace environments.


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See how quick and effective real-time workplace dust monitoring can be with the DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitor.

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