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Benchtop Raman Sensors


    The ChemLogix line of high-performance benchtop Raman spectrometers from TSI is intended to deliver maximum flexibility of application. They are available with a wide variety of sample interface options, so that the user can optimize the use of the instrument to his or her particular application.

    Raman spectroscopy has a unique set of advantages in process control uses. The spectrometers are fiber-coupled to probes that will withstand rugged measurement locations.  These challenging analyses may include corrosive, high pressure and high temperature environments through use of immersion probes, flow-through cells and optical ports.  These strategies permit measurements to be made inside of reactors, fermenters and other synthesis and mixing vessels. Non-contact use through an optical port permits precise measurements with minimal risk of sample contamination. Little or no sample preparation is required and there is no interference from water or carbon dioxide vapor. Measurements are made quickly, and therefore timed sequential assays can be used to observe reaction progress, to ascertain endpoints and to understand the kinetics of processes. 

    Our Raman devices have excellent signal-to-noise characteristics and superior fluorescence rejection which enables a wide variety of laboratory and process control to be performed. These devices are simple and easy to use, and yet produce data of sensitivity and resolution similar to more expensive instruments.  Additionally, they are light weight and easy to move between measurement locations.

    • 785 nm excitation laser, power up to 400 mW, enables short analysis times under most circumstances
    • TEC cooled CCD detector (-60° C) keeps dark current signal contributions low
    • Spectrometer range 250-2350 cm-1, 10 cm-1 resolution (average across entire range)
    • Every system is delivered with control and acquisition software, RamanReader
    • Data files can be saved as .txt, .spc, .dat or .bmp formats, can be imported into GRAMS or spreadsheets for post-processing
    • Both non-contact and immersion fiber optics probe styles available with 3, 7 or 10 mm working distance
    • Suitable for harsh environments, such as corrosive liquids, high temperature and pressure
    • On-line process control, including PAT measurement opportunities: structural determination, polymorphic forms, hydrogenation, aqueous solution measurement, phase transformation and reaction monitoring
    • Drug product manufacturing prospects such as lyophilization, fermentation, drug distribution in products such as dermal patches, formulation, blending and head space analysis
    • Chemical industry: polymerization and synthesis progress
    • Geological, mineral and gemstone ID, pharmaceutical, carbon nanotubes and graphene production



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