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Biomedical & Healthcare

Patients depend on testing-based research and treatment. In some cases, they also depend on carefully controlled critical care environments. TSI specializes in instruments that provide accurate data to professionals working in healthcare and medical industries. Whether your work is in biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, medical research, patient care, or even designing and building hospitals and laboratories, our precision measurement products support your goals and standards.


Mass Flow meters designed for Biomedical Testing

For patients receiving ventilator support or anesthesia, the flow of gases must be precise. Our mass flow meters measure gas flow precisely and are ideal for product testing in field use, production, and product development. Customers use TSI flow metersfor ventilator testing , oxygen concentrators, and anesthesia gas delivery devices. Our engineers have developed a range of flow meter options to work with varying gas volumes and connection tubing. Our flow meter sensors are fully calibrated and compensated to accurately measure oxygen, air, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide pressure and flow.


TSI flow meters are just one kind of product we provide to the healthcare sector. Visit our hospital solutions page to learn about room pressure monitors for hospital isolation rooms, respirator fit testers for N95 respirators, particle counters to certify clean rooms, laboratory controls, and indoor air quality (IAQ) products.


Accurate Ventilator Testing  Equipment for 50 years

TSI products can be found in thousands of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories around the world. We've built a fifty-year reputation on creating and developing medical and biomedical test equipment that exceeds expectations. Every one of our products undergoes rigorous testing and analysis so that our customers are able to offer the best possible care to current and future patients. We are proud to serve doctors and nurses, researchers, designers, engineers, architects, and medical equipment manufacturers with high-quality and reliable products. 

Contact TSI today to learn more about TSI medical and biomedical test equipment.


Certifier FA Plus App

Still lugging around heavy, outdated ventilator test equipment technology?

Upgrade to the Certifier° FA Plus Flow Analyzer

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+ Accurate
+ Portable
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