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Accurate measurements are crucial in the health care industry, especially when it comes to biomedical testing . From biomedical engineering to in-hospital laboratories, accurate biomedical test equipment to measure flows is irreplaceable.


TSI Mass Flowmeters designed for a Variety of Biomedical Testing Applications

TSI's biomedical test equipment is widely used for product testing in field service, production and product development. Ourflow analysistools have been used for ventilator testing , oxygen concentrators and anesthesia gas delivery devices to accurately measure oxygen, air, and nitrous oxide pressure and flow.

Highly Accurate Ventilator Testing Equipment

Our parts undergo rigorous testing and thorough analysis, and our customers know that they are receiving the best products available. For half a century, our biomedical test equipment has earned a reputation for high quality and accuracy. Our clientele extends across the globe and includes many respected medical equipment manufacturers.

Contact TSI today to learn more about our biomedical test equipment . When you do business with TSI, you can rest assured you are working with the most professional and knowledgeable experts in this field. 


Certifier FA Plus App

Still lugging around heavy, outdated ventilator test equipment technology?

Upgrade to the Certifier° FA Plus Flow Analyzer

+ Fast
+ Accurate
+ Portable
+ Cost-Effective

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