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CA-Calc Exhaust Gas Analyzer CA-6315


Product Details

This unit has been discontinued as of December 31, 2010. 

Model CA-6315 measures O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, draft pressure, supply air temperature, and stack temperature.

These exhaust gas analyzers are ideal for compliance testing agencies since they provide a means to generate reports on-site without the need for a computer interface. The portable, rugged nature of the CA-6315 is well suited for field research teams to perform engine exhaust studies for R&D and on-going source emissions studies.

The CA-6315 Compliance Protocol Emissions Analyzers provides the basic Series CA-6300 features which include the on-board verification procedure and integral printer. This verification procedure and printer together provide this analyzer with the capability to perform periodic combustion testing quickly, with ensured accuracy generate complete reports directly from the analyzer. The CA-6315D-KIT comes with a low maintenance hands-free gas dryer in line with the heavy duty 25 foot hose.

Optional sensors are available for field installation to measure CO, up to 2% and SO2. Custom length gas sample probe/hose assemblies are available.

  • Why does a special emissions probe come with some models of the CA-Calc?
    The emissions probe is required whenever NO2 or SO2 are being measured. The gases are highly water-soluble and may be scrubbed out by dissolving in water droplets that can form on some materials. Accurate measurements of NO2 and SO2 are made possible because of the design of the emissions probe.

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