CBRN Mask Protection Assessment Test System 8020M

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Product Details

The CBRN Mask Protection Assessment Test System 8020M tests how well a CBRN mask fits. Modern CBRN masks are capable of a high degree of protection, but ONLY if they are fitted correctly and donned properly. A mask that is capable of protection factors greater than 10,000 may only give a protection factor of 50 if it is incorrectly donned or is not the optimum size. The 8020M provides a numerical measurement of the mask's fit factor while it is being worn.

The mask is tested in its normal operating configuration with the filter canister attached. The user dons their own assigned mask and performs a series of exercises that simulate typical activities. The CBRN Mask Protection Assessment Test System provides a fit factor for each individual exercise as well as an overall fit factor.

When used as part of your training program the CBRN Mask Protection Assessment Test System ensures that your personnel get the best possible protection from their assigned mask.

The optional FitPlus™ Fit Test software can be used to automate the fit test, save test results in a database, and print reports of test results.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Fielded by major military organizations worldwide
  • Tests the fit and integrity of CBRN protective masks quickly and reliably
  • Gives numerical indication of mask fit and mask integrity
  • Highly sensitive detection of mask leaks
  • Fast test that requires no special training for the test operator
  • Optional software automates tests and provides database capabilities
  • Verifies that personnel are getting the best possible protection from their assigned masks
  • Fit test adapters included for US and Canadian masks. Adapters for other masks are available


  • Fit testing of CBRN masks
  • Design evaluation of CBRN masks  

Included Items

  • Rugged carrying case with CARC coating
  • AC power adapter
  • Fit test adapters
  • Spare tubes and filters
  • Operator's manual
  • Optional: FitPlus™ software

Download Software

  • Are the 0.04 micron particles used by the N95-Companion™ Mask Fit Tester appropriate for respirator fit testing?
    Research has shown that there is no lower limit to the particle size that can be used for quantitative fit testing. There may be an upper limit near 2 microns. For more details, please refer to Application Note ITI-055 Penetration of Ambient Aerosols Through Respirator Face Seal Leaks.

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