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Certifier Flow Analyzers

    Accurate and Dependable Ventilator Test Systems

    TSI’s expertise in high performance flow instrumentation has been expanded to include Flow Analyzers for the Biomedical Test Equipment market. TSI Certifier® FA and Certifier® FA Plus Ventilator Test Systems measure flow, pressure, and multiple parameters of ventilator performance with high accuracy. In addition to producing the popular Certifier FA family of portable flow analyzers, TSI also designs and manufactures custom flow analyzers to meet your individual needs.

    Truly Portable, High Performance Biomedical Test Equipment

    The TSI Certifiers are light-weight, compact instruments which make them ideal for servicing medical equipment in multiple locations. Their small size however, does not mean you sacrifice performance. TSI Certifier Flow Analyzers has comparable or better specifications then many larger, more expensive flow analyzers. The following customers are major users of TSI’s line of biomedical test equipment:

    • Hospitals 
    • Manufacturers
    • Service Organizations
    • Government and Military
    Test and Certify Many Types of Medical Devices

    TSI Certifier Ventilation Test Systems can be used for testing most medical devices which flow air and oxygen. Some examples of commonly tested medical equipment:

    • Patient ventilators – critical care and sub-acute care
    • Transport ventilators
    • High-frequency ventilators
    • Home-care ventilators
    • Anesthesia systems
    • Oxygen concentrators
    • Compressors
    • CPAP Devices
    • Others

    Cost-effective solutions for biomedical testing provided by TSI Flow Analyzers are used by biomed shops around the world who demand performance and product versatility at a fair price.

    Contact TSI today to learn more about our cost-effective, high –performance Certifier FA and Certifier FA Plus Ventilator Test Systems.

    ARE YOU?

    Certifier FA Plus App

    Still lugging around heavy, outdated ventilator test equipment technology?

    Upgrade to the Certifier° FA Plus Flow Analyzer

    + Fast
    + Accurate
    + Portable
    + Cost-Effective


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