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ChemLine™ In-Line Metal Analyzer

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TSI began developing LIBS metals analysis sensors and products in 2008. Since then, our engineers have introduced both desktop and handheld metals analysis tools, the ChemReveal ™ and ChemLite ™ product lines. Both products have met with widespread success in metals production and recycling industries.

Taking that technology a step further, TSI developed and patented an in-line process LIBS sensor, the ChemLine™. In 2015, one of the world's largest aluminum manufacturers chose the ChemLine sensor for review by its R&D department. After two-and-a-half years of rigorous testing, the manufacturer installed the system. Today they are successfully sorting metals and alloys using the ChemLine metals analysis sensor.


Product Details

Several ChemLine in-line systems are operating in the U.S. and Europe. The ChemLine system is customizable for your particular sorting needs. Applications include these initial metals separations:

  1. Aluminum from Magnesium
  2. Aluminum Cast from Wrought
  3. 5XXX Aluminum from 6XXX Aluminum.

By installing ChemLine outside your process, sorting happens at intake. The system separates metals before they hit your line. With ChemLine, there's no need to disrupt your normal 10-12 tons per hour processes.

The ChemLine sensor provides accurate and fast measurement of a scrap stream. Precision plus speed enables automatic scrap sorting. Fewer slowdowns, less downtime, and fast payback are some of the benefits of a ChemLine system.


ChemLine has valuable applications for the automotive industry. By sorting alloys for clear separation and clean recycling, the sensor ensures high-quality results. ChemLine can easily distinguish among alloys used in the automotive industry, allowing you to automate the separation process for greatest productivity and throughput.

The ChemLine system originally focused on non-ferrous or light metal separation. TSI engineers can adapt ChemLine sensor technology to other metals separating specifications and requirements. Contact TSI with your application requirements. Request more information.


  • High powered laser burns through contamination and coatings
  • Ruggedized modular optics design
  • Ethernet TCP/IP interfaces with your system


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