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At TSI, we have a long history of providing opportunities for college students to gain skills and experience working alongside engineers, scientists, and other industrial and manufacturing professionals. Some of our interns have found permanent positions here after graduation.

Work on real projects and make a difference

Interns at TSI work on real projects and get real experience. They contribute meaningfully to our products, services, and success. We all learn when interns are part of the TSI team.

If you’re looking for real life work and mentorship opportunities, we hope you’ll consider TSI! Apply online for upcoming internships and start building your resume with real world, hands-on engineering experience. Internships at TSI

TSI internship opportunities in Shoreview, MN

We offer students challenging and valuable internships in our Shoreview, Minnesota headquarters. Interns from colleges and universities around the world have experienced opportunities at TSI, including:

  • Software Engineer Intern | Develop an understanding of a product development environment
  • Electrical Engineer Intern | Provide electrical design support for TSI products & engineering staff
  • Firmware Engineer Intern | Research and test electronic components, software & hardware
  • Mechanical Engineer Intern | Gain experience with mechanical design & Pro E 3D CAD Modeling

What do interns say after their internships with TSI?

  • “I gained real, hands-on experience!”
  • “I tell my friends what I’m doing for myinternship, and they are jealous of the experience I’m getting!!!”
  • “The people here are GREAT!”
  • “Everyone is really helpful and very nice.  Easy to work with!”
  • “I want to work here when I graduate!”

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