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Engine Emissions Testing

Engine Emissions Testing For years, governments around the globe have worked to regulate pollution from cars and trucks through engine emissions testing and requiring compliance with emissions standards traditionally based on particle mass (PM) measurements. Now, more than ever, as air quality monitoring advances and increased efforts are put toward understanding and limiting engine emissions and their effects on air quality, climate, and health, it is critical to have the tools necessary to perform advanced and reliable engine emissions testing.

Solutions for Measuring Engine Emissions from TSI

TSI has the precision measurement instruments to do just that with a variety of solutions useful for conducting engine emissions testing in both laboratories and in the field (mobile emissions studies), including:

  • The Nanoparticle Emission Tester (NPET) Model 3795 measures total solid particle number concentration from combustion sources. 
  • Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer™ spectrometer, designed specifically for diesel emission studies and characterizing exhaust after-treatment devices.
  • Dilution and conditioning systems that contribute to particle-based engine emissions testing and measurements, as well as handheld particle counters which can be used to track the spread of diesel exhaust.


Instruments Proven by Key Organizations for Engine Emission Testing

TSI has even provided major research institutions and industrial firms with alternative engine emissions testing methods and metrics like particle size and number concentration measurements.  In fact, the GRPE Particle Measurement Programme (PM) recently concluded that TSI's engine emissions testing instruments are 20 times more sensitive and much less variable than traditional measurement methods, in turn setting the benchmark for proposed ECE regulations 83 and 49.  High-resolution data from TSI instruments may enable key organizations to make better decisions regarding what future technologies are required to meet a zero emission goal.

To learn more about TSI's tools for engine emissions testing, browse our products or contact a TSI representative.

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