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Fiberlight Multi-Color Beam Generator 1-Component

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Product Details

The TSI Model FBL-1 fiberlight™ Multicolor Beam Generator provides high power handling capacity in a compact easy-to-align package. It needs no vertical or horizontal alignment in the beam path. Frequency shift is built in, and all three beam pairs are available on all fiberlight models. This simplifies the expansion path, and makes the system easy to upgrade, all the way to a three-component phase Doppler system.

Two fiberoptic couplers are included with the FBL-1. These represent over ten years of refinement and offer reliable fiber coupling, with easy optimization even if a fiber is removed from the coupler.

Features and Benefits  

  • No cumbersome alignment needed
  • Built-in frequency shift
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • High power capacity
  • High throughput for maximum coupling efficiency
  • Built-in alignment iris
  • Easily expanded to three-component systems


  • LDV
  • PDPA

Included Items  

  • Accessory kit
  • Adjustable input beam shield
  • Two couplers
  • fiberlight Multicolor Beam Generator

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