Asia Pacific Fluid Mechanics Webinar Series from TSI

TSI Incorporated is pleased to  offer  an ongoing series of webinars related to fluid mechanics.  Presented by TSI experts from across the globe, these webinars will cover a wide range of topics for beginners, intermediate, and advance level fluid mechanics researchers.  So if you are interested in knowing more about the measurement techniques and solutions available;  seeking a quick tutorial on how to optimize your system to get reliable data; or simply want to know more about the fascinating fluid flow studies TSI's trusted instruments are used in (everything from fundamental flow studies to environmental to biomedical),  be sure to sign up for one or all of the webinars in this informative series! 

The webinars take place every month at 2pm (Singapore/China time) and are free to attend.  If you are interested in attending, simply fill out the form, choose the talks you are interested in, and select ‘Submit’. We will send you webinar connection information a day or two before the presentation. 

Each webinar will last approximately 45 minutes with an optional 15 minute questions and answer period at the end.

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April 26, 2012




 Particle Image Velocimetry and its extension to Temporal Measurements for Aerodynamic Applications 

Presenter: Dr.Mike Khoo 

May 17, 2012 




Sharks, robots, and lasers: Volumetric imaging of fish locomotion 

Presenter: Dr. Mike Khoo 

June 14, 2012 




 Using PIV for Multi-Phase Flows 

PresenterDr. Deepakkumar Sharma 

July 19, 2012 





 Measurements of Laminar Separation Bubbles on a NACA4412 Airfoil using the V3V system  

PresenterDr. Deepakkumar Sharma 

August 16, 2012 



 Diagnostics of velocity and droplet size of Engine Spray   

Presenter: Dr. Mike Khoo 

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The Webinars will take place at 2pm (Singapore/China time).  If you are unable to attend at this date/time, we encourage you to still register and we will send you a recording of the presentation.

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