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Raman Spectroscopy in Methanol Generation

ChemLogix Webinar

Webinar recording discussing the use of Raman spectroscopy in methanol generation, presented by Dr. Amy Bauer.

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GasRaman NOCH-1 High Performance Gas-Phase Process Raman Spectrometer GASR-NOCH1-01-HP

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Does your work involve developing gas-phase monitoring processes? Consider the GasRaman NOCH-1 Sytem from TSI. The NOCH-1 analyzes gases faster, more easily, and with lower maintenance than traditional techniques like Gas Chromatography (GC). The NOCH-1 gas phase process analyzer accurately identifies and quantifies gases with excellent sensitivity, but without the hassle or price tag associated with alternative methods. The GasRaman NOCH-1 Analyzer, coupled with our flexible software, truly makes our system ideal for process development.

Product Details

The GasRaman NOCH-1 gas phase process Raman analyzer instrument features a diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) laser operating at 532 nm.  The spectrometer has a spectral range of 250-4200 cm-1, and the detector is cooled to minimize dark current. The resolution of the system is about 8 cm-1. The graphic user interface of the control and data acquisition program includes a time trend and ratio calculate in a time chart mode to enable spectral changes with time to be observed.  

The NOCH-1 GasRaman system provides fast and accurate laboratory and online gas phase Raman analysis, with no extractive sampling required.  

Features and Benefits

  • 532 nm DPSS laser
  • High Rayleigh rejection fiber optic probe
  • High resolution spectrometer achieving up to ~8 cm  -1  average optical resolution
  • Spectral coverage from ~250 - 4,200 cm  -1
  • Rapid, easy measurements
    • Much faster than Gas Chromatography (GC)
    • No extractive sampling
  • Faster cycling time
  • Less maintenance
  • Accurate identification and quantification
  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Not altered by water vapor  


  • Natural gas
  • Biofuel
  • Methanol from natural gas
  • Combustion monitoring
  • Gasification process monitoring
  • Well-head monitoring for exploration and production


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