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Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner without Autozero Module for DustTrak II/DRX Environmental Enclosure 801851

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Product Details

The Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner conditions the sample air stream before entering the DustTrak™ II or DustTrak DRX optics. In humid environments, aerosols absorb water and swell, resulting in larger signals which a photometer interprets as increased aerosol concentration. Sample conditioning removes humidity and water vapor from the sample, reducing elevated measurements caused by humidity.

The Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner is designed to install over the Autozero module on DustTrak II/DRX Models 8530, 8530EP, 8533 and 8533EP while in use with Environmental Enclosure Models 8535 or 8537. A wiring harness (included with the conditioner) easily connects power to the conditioner and the DustTrak from either the external battery system or line voltage.


  • Custom made to fit on DustTrak II/DRX in use with an Environmental Enclosure
  • Simple to connect
  • No programming required


  • Outdoor environmental monitoring
  • Fugitive emissions monitoring
  • Site perimeter monitoring
  • Fence-line monitoring
  • Dust control operations
  • Environmental research studies
  • Construction sites
  • Harsh industrial environments
  • Urban pollution studies

included items

  • Heated Inlet Sample Conditioning Module
  • Mounting Bracket
  • RF/Temp Probe and Mounting Grommet
  • Power Cable
  • Quick Start Installation Guide

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