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Laser - High Repetition YAG Laser


Product Details

The TSI Model YAG-HS High Repetition Rate Laser for PIV provides high performance laser illumination for high frame rate PIV measurements. The laser system has a single laser which provides two separate laser pulses with separation from 1 us to 1 ms. Such range allows flow measurements of various magnitudes to be taken. The laser pulse rate is ranged from 1,000 Hz to 10,000 Hz, thus allowing high speed imaging for time history of the measurements. The pulse energy output of up to 11 mJ is important to obtain good particle images for the measurements. An integrated power supply and chiller unit offers simple system operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Single laser head with integrated power supply and chiller unit
  • Easy system operation with the LaserPulse™ synchronizer
  • High repetition pulse rate from 1,000 Hz to 10,000 Hz
  • Pulse energy up to 11 mJ at 1,000 Hz pulse repetition rate
  • Laser pulse separation varying from 1 µs to 1 ms
  • Connect with TSI INSIGHT™ 3G software for complete system operation
  • Analysis of results provides time history and spectral information


  • High frame rate PIV
  • Time resolved PIV
  • Measurements of flow and qualities such as temperature and concentration
  • Time history and spectrum analysis
  • Flow measurements for different velocity ranges
  • Phase locked measurements in rotating machinery

Included Items  

  • Single laser head
  • Integrated power supply and chiller unit
  • Cables and accessories

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