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TSI provides a number of solutions in hospital settings, enhancing safety in a variety of applications.  Key products include room pressure monitors for hospital isolation rooms and biomedical flowmeters for testing ventilators and other devices.  In addition, TSI offers respirator fit testers for N95 respirators, particle counters to certify clean rooms, laboratory controls, and IAQ products.


Solutions for Pressure Monitoring in Isolation and Operating Rooms

Hospital isolation rooms and operating suites need to be pressurized to control the movement of airborne pathogens, keeping patients, visitors, and medical staff safe.  Airborne infection isolation rooms are maintained at negative pressures to keep contaminants out.  Protective environment isolation rooms and operating rooms are held at positive pressures to protect patients.  In both applications, TSI's PresSura™ Room Pressure Monitors are the standard in the industry, with a unique, accurate, and stable low-pressure measurement.   

High Quality Flowmeters for Accurate Biomedical Testing Measurements

Accurate measurements are crucial in the health care industry, especially when it comes to biomedical testing. For half a century, TSI flowmeters have earned a reputation for high quality and accuracy. Our biomedical flowmeters have been used for testing ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and anesthesia gas delivery devices to accurately measure oxygen, air, and nitrous oxide pressure and flow.

Additional Applications
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Clean Room Testing and Certification
  • Laboratory and Fume Hood Monitoring
  • IAQ Testing
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