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Equipping Industries with Quality Instruments

TSI employs more than 500 industry experts with a wide range of research and development skills. We are dedicated to manufacturing application-specific instruments that help advance the industries we serve.  

  • Particle Instruments – TSI manufactures automated filter testing equipment and precision aerosol measurement instrumentation trusted by research institutions across the globe.
  • Health and Safety – Professionals across many industries look to TSI for reliable respirator fit testers and accurate, real-time exposure monitoring instruments.
  • Fluid Mechanics – TSI instruments are widely used in fluid mechanics to measure flow velocity, turbulence, and all the associated properties at a point or over a planar region in a wide range of environments, varying from simple, to complex, to hostile. They also measure particle size, velocity, number density and volume flux of spherical particles, droplets, or bubbles in similar environments.
  • Flow Instruments – Known for their reliability and accuracy, TSI flowmeters and embedded sensors are the trusted standard for measuring gas flow in medical and laboratory applications.
  • Energy and Comfort – TSI ventilation test instruments and indoor air quality monitors are known within the HVAC community for their uncompromised accuracy and reliability.
  • Critical Environments – TSI lab controls and hospital pressure monitors are designed to measure key safety parameters and maintain optimal environmental conditions in your critical spaces.
  • Contamination Control – TSI offers a comprehensive line of advanced aerosol instrumentation including handheld, portable and remote particle counters complete with facility monitoring systems and service centers throughout the world.
  • Chemical Analysis –  TSI offers instruments to provide rapid and reliable identification of materials and chemical composition of solids, even in minute quantities. Applications range from quality control for metal processing and coal; sample investigation in geology and forensics; and depth profiling of solid samples like drug tablet coatings.
  • CBRN Defense – TSI is recognized worldwide by military and civilian organizations as the leading provider of field-proven, real-time biodetection systems and mask integrity test systems.

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Corporate Overview

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Precision Measurement Instrumentation with Unsurpassed Accuracy and Reliability 

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