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LaserPulse Synchronizer 610036

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Product Details

The LaserPulse Synchronizer Model 610036 from TSI is a programmable master timing control unit for use in Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) applications. Acting as the master controller for system components, it automates control of the timing between laser pulses, camera, camera interfaces, and any external device during system set-up and image acquisition with an amazing 1 ns resolution.

The Synchronizer enables the system to be completely computer-controlled via a serial interface. Signals for the laser flash lamps and Q-switches, the camera, and the frame grabber are generated and automatically synchronized for effortless image acquisition. For PIV measurements, the pulse delay time and the time between pulses necessary to collect frame-straddled images are controlled by the Synchronizer via TSI's INSIGHT™ Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software. The synchronizer comes complete with power supplies for multiple CCD cameras (for easy expansion from 2D to stereoscopic PIV) and has an auxiliary output for controlling various devices in an experimental system.

Features and Benefits

  • External trigger option for phase-locked velocity measurements
  • Automates control of laser pulses, cameras, and timing to external signals
  • 1 ns time resolution


  • PIV
  • PLIF
  • Simultaneous PLIF/PIV
  • MicroPIV
  • Stereoscopic PIV
  • High Frame Rate PIV
  • Time Resolved PIV

Included Items

  • Model 610036 LaserPulse Synchronizer
  • Power cable
  • Cables to control Q-switches and flash lamps of dual head lasers
  • Instruction manual

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