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Laboratory Control

TSI offers safe and flexible laboratory control solutions. Laboratories and other critical spaces require tight control of ventilation and temperature in order to maintain the integrity of experiments and to ensure safe working environments while optimizing energy usage. 

  Laboratory Solution  

Laboratory Controls Ensure Safety and Energy Savings

TSI's direct measurement of critical parameters is a superior method of ensuring the safest laboratory possible. Specifically, fume hood controls maintain a constant face velocity needed to provide containment. Properly designed laboratory controls also provide significant energy savings.

Comply with TSI Laboratory Controls

Written standards and guidelines provide designers assistance when designing laboratories. ANSI, ASHRAE, NFPA, and OSHA provide requirements and recommendations for fume hood performance and laboratory HVAC design. TSI's complete laboratory control and laboratory monitor solutions make it easy for you to design laboratories that comply with applicable guidelines.

Design Flexibility with TSI Laboratory Controls

No single solution is optimal for every application, so TSI laboratory controls provide choices in control strategies and components, allowing you to match the safety and design requirements of your facility. Design tools and engineering support from TSI streamline the design of your laboratory projects.

TSI offers additional solutions for laboratory applications including:

  • Fume Hood Testing products for performing ASHRAE 110 velocity tests on fume hoods
  • Contamination Control products to help certify clean rooms, like those found in pharmaceutical companies, ensuring safety and compliance
  • Ventilation Test Instruments for maintaining and commissioning HVAC Systems


Lab Controls Value

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Realize how careful assessment of a laboratory environment, and selecting the proper flow control devices and control strategy can help maximize safety and energy efficiency.


    Hospital and Lab Control Engineering Guide

    Detailed reference guide for products and systems including spec sheets, typical operation sequences, and guide specs; plus easy-to-use engineering tools like an energy saving calculation program.

    See TSI Engineering Guide »
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