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Partnering with Netronix™ Inc. , TSI offers the most comprehensive turnkey remote dust monitoring solution on the market for Cloud Data Management.

The Environmental DustTrak™ is the ideal package to facilitate studies and monitoring over extended periods of time in remote locations. This includes measurements of fugitive emissions as well as local air quality. Housed in an Environmental Enclosure and integrated with Netronix Thiamis™ GSM/GPS Communication Modem ( Spec Sheet), users can constantly stream and collect data remotely from the field to be hosted in the Netronix Cloud. The data then can be accessed on demand—anytime, anywhere—through Netronix Environet™, a secure web-based solution that can be accessed by any internet enabled device. Environet offers a unique experience through a number of built-in tools that allow real-time data analysis and team collaboration as well as sophisticated alert monitoring with email and SMS text messaging notifications. Also, an integrated Google™ Map display provides for easy instrument pinpointing of location. Please note monthly access fees do apply.

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ENVDT-Netronix Flow Chart


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