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MOUDI II Impactors rotating

    For more than a decade, MOUDI II Impactors have enabled researchers to push their research further than was possible with the original MOUDI design. With internally-mounted motors to rotate the impaction plates, MOUDI II impactors can now be used reliably for longer sampling intervals (i.e. days). Characterizing airborne particulate matter in terms of its mass and/or chemical content provides insight into ambient air quality, atmospheric science, vehicle emissions, industrial emissions, and other areas. Stage cutpoints down to 10 nm allow researchers to study particle composition at the nanoparticle level, confident that their results are not tainted by larger particles from a different source.

    MOUDI II impactors are based on the legacy and research quality of the preceding MOUDI impactors by MSP. They are now sold by TSI, making them part of a large family of trusted, accurate, and reliable aerosol instrumentation.

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