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Cascade Impactor Solutions from MSP

MSP’s suite of cascade impactors can collect particles with aerodynamic diameters (cutpoints) from 10 nm to 10 µm, in 3 to 13 different size fractions, and at flow rates of 2, 10, 30 or 100 L/min. The number of stages determines the size resolution of the collected samples, and consequently determines the level of detail of the data produced from the analysis of these collected samples. Some MSP impactors are available with rotating stages. When the stage is rotated relative to the nozzle plate, the impacted particles are deposited in a more uniform manner across the impaction surface. This increases the amount of particle mass that can be collected and reduces the probability of particle bounce and re-entrainment.

To learn more about MSP’s cascade impactors, take a look at individual offerings or contact a member of TSI’s and MSP’s teams today!

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