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Microscope System 660000

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Product Details

The Model 660000 Inverted Microscope is a major component in TSI microPIV systems. When equipped with all the necessary accessories, the microscope allows the measurement of microchannel regions with sizes from µm to mm. The laser beam illumination is provided using an optical fiber with beam attenuation adjustment. An epi-fluorescent optic allows illumination and collection of fluorescent emission from the seed particles through the same optical path. Such arrangement is essential to obtain particle images with high signal to noise level, consequently accurate velocity fields.

Patented techniques on illumination, image capture and data analysis are incorporated to provide the most optimal system for microPIV applications. The microscope can be connected using a laser light guide to allow laser light to be coupled for illumination from the laser.

Features and Benefits  

  • Inverted microscope for stable and reliable system setup
  • Epi-fluorescent optical arrangement allows the best images to be captured
  • Optics integrated with the system provide uniform light illumination of the flow model
  • Designed specially for flow measurements in microchannels with sizes from µm to mm
  • Applicable for species measurements
  • Adapted with all PowerView™ Plus and PIVCAM™ series cameras from TSI
  • Operates with INSIGHT™ 3G Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software
  • Adapted with different microscope objective lenses and project lenses for different measurement sizes


  • MicroPIV measurements
  • Flow measurements in microchannels
  • PLIF measurements for species in microchannels

Included Items  

  • Epi-fluorescent optics
  • Filter cube
  • 10X microscope objective lens
  • 2X projection lens for camera
  • Optics to provide uniform light and laser illumination

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