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TSI partners with Dycor to win Rheinmetall contract

2008-09-26 - TSI Partners with Dycor to Win Rheinmetall Contract

TSI Incorporated, a worldwide leader in biodetection technology, is supplying a key component to the system that Dycor Technologies Ltd., of Edmonton, Canada will provide under contract to Rheinmetall Landsystems. TSI supplies Fluorescence Aerosol Particle Sensors (FLAPS) to Dycor’s advanced biological agent detection and sampling system, for integration into Rheinmetall’s Fuchs biodetection reconnaissance vehicles. These vehicles, to be delivered to the United Arab Emirates are the world’s first exclusively biodetection-focused, fielded reconnaissance vehicles.

TSI’s Model 3317 (FLAPS) is the core of this system. It provides three real-time measurements of individual airborne particles. These measurements, when processed using appropriate alarm algorithm techniques, deliver exceptional agent discrimination and interference rejection response for biological threat detection applications. Integrated within Dycor’s integrated biological agent warning system, the FLAPS serves as the fast-responding sensor to initiate sample collection and identification techniques to confirm or reject a biological condition.
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