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TSI Announces the Next Generation Rotating Disk Thermodiluter

2009-08-01 - TSI Announces Next Gen Rotating Disk Thermodiluter

TSI is excited to announce the next generation Rotating Disk Thermodiluter.

Some of the new features and benefits include:
New Diluter Head

• New disk/block coatings and materials to reduce wear and improve lifetime
• New mechanical design to improve durability and simplify operation
• New heating for better control
• New housing (now included as standard) diluter head and limit exposure to hot surfaces
• New features to simplify operation over a wider range of inlet pressures

New Control Unit
• New diaphragm sampling pump replaces pump for better reliability
• New tubing and tubing connectors for simpler and quicker connections
• Additional remote controls
• Sampling pump on/off
• Temperature Control

TSI Rotating Disk Thermodiluter is highly regarded in the field of particle emission measurement. They are especially suited for sampling, diluting, and conditioning exhaust particles from diesel and spark-ignition engines, as well as performing stack emission studies.

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