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TSI Acquires Quant Technologies, LLC Assets and Intellectual Property

2010-09-24 - TSI Acquires Quant Technologies LLC

TSI Incorporated, a worldwide leader in aerosol measurement technology, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Quant Technologies’ water-based condensation particle counter (WCPC) assets and intellectual property. Production and service of the existing line of WCPCs will be transferred to TSI’s ISO 9001 certified facility in Shoreview, MN.   

Tom Kennedy, President of TSI, comments “This is an extremely important acquisition supporting TSI’s planned growth in nanoparticle measurement and other strategic segments.  Quant has done an excellent job advancing the first generation of WCPC instruments.  Moving forward, TSI will invest more resources into this technology to address many emerging applications.” 

Water-based condensation particle counters accurately measure in real time the concentration of nano-particulates in an airstream.  WCPCs have become an important aerosol measurement tool and are being used effectively by many investigators in a wide variety of applications including ambient air monitoring, contamination control, and basic airborne particle research. This acquisition will allow TSI to fully control product development, production, quality, and service of the WCPCs. 

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