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TSI Launches New Environmental Particle Counter Model 3783

2010-03-19 - TSI Launches New Envir Part Counter Model 3783.pdf

TSI Incorporated is proud to introduce the  EPC™ Environmental Particle Counter™ Monitor Model 3783 . The EPC™ monitor measures fine and Ultra-Fine Particulate (UFP) concentrations in real-time, reliably and accurately. EPA and European Commission reference methods (PM2.5, PM10), as well as equivalent mass based methods, cannot quantify the amount of UFP in the air. The new Model 3783 from TSI provides quantitative fine and UFP concentration data where FRM and equivalent methods fall short.

Targeted at unattended 24/7 operation, this rack mount ready particle counter detects ultra-fine particles down to 6 nanometers and delivers robust field performance in both pristine and heavily polluted areas. The 3783 is easy to use, requires minimal maintenance, and is designed for flexibility. With a color touch screen and USB stick data collection option, the EPC™ monitor can run as a standalone instrument, or can be operated using a laptop and Aerosol Instrument Manager® (AIM) software featuring automated data analysis.

The result of thoughtful design, rigorous internal testing, and extensive field validation, the new EPC™ monitor Model 3783 features over 20 new product design elements. Freshly engineered air flow, wicking and water handling systems provide superior performance. Advanced instrument diagnostics, including a novel pulse height analyzer, monitor instrument health, provide early warning of potential problems and safeguard data accuracy.

The new Environmental Particle Counter brings TSI’s expertise in aerosol instrumentation to ambient monitoring applications. TSI’s CEO, Tom Kennedy stated, “TSI’s new EPC™ Environmental Particle Counter™ Monitor Model 3783 represents thoughtful innovation based on extensive customer feedback throughout the development and test process. Its many design features have been optimized to meet user’s needs and validated to ensure ultra fine particle measurements are reliable.”

The EPC™ Environmental Particle Counter™ Monitor Model 3783  from TSI helps Count the Way to Cleaner Air.

For more information regarding the TSI 3783 Environmental Particle Counter, click here or contact TSI at 800-874-2811 or email

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