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TSI Supports Scientific Art Exhibit in Berlin, Germany

2010-01-06 - TSI Supports Scientific Art Exhibit Germany

TSI Incorporated is proud to be a part of a unique art installation that will be on display (January 15- February 27, 2010) at the Schering Foundation located in Berlin, Germany.

The exhibit “Wolken-Kern-Scanner” created by well known German artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis, in conjunction with the Schering Foundation and the German Aerospace Center, examines the link between the science and the art of clouds. In particular, artist Meyer-Brandis worked with aerosol scientists to portray how clouds form, their composition, and the methods by which scientists analyze cloud development, in an effort to unite the two disciplines. As such, TSI provided one of its instruments for display- the Water based Condensation Particle Counter (WCPC) Model 3781, suited for atmospheric studies – to demonstrate how aerosol particles found in clouds are actually counted and measured.  

Artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis studied mineralogy in Aachen and sculpture in Dusseldorf and Cologne. The young Cologne artist explores the interface of art and science, and has already shown much of her acclaimed work in international exhibits and festivals, receiving numerous grants and honors. 

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