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TSI Incorporated Introduces Innovative Solution for Real-time Viable Particle Detection


TSI introduces the BioTrak™ Real-Time Viable Particle Counter for monitoring pharmaceutical cleanroom facilities.  This unique product detects airborne viable particles utilizing TSI’s patented fluorescence detection technology, based on TSI’s 20 years experience of biological threat detection instrumentation.  By minimizing false positives, the BioTrak Particle Counter delivers more confidence in instant detection and identification of viable particles to Quality Assurance Professionals. 

In addition, the BioTrak Particle Counter measures traditional airborne particle counts, at 1.0 CFM, fully compliant to ISO-21501-4.  The instrument simultaneously displays and data logs viable and non-viable airborne particle counts.  The BioTrak Particle Counter provides end users with meaningful data to detect unwanted events and support root cause investigations. 

TSI’s President, Tom Kennedy, stated, “We’re excited to announce the launch of the BioTrak Particle Counter, which incorporates TSI’s patented fluorescence technology, to the underserved market for accurate, real-time viable particle detection in life science cleanrooms.” 

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