TSI Receives 2012 ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ Award from the Manufacturers Alliance Association

TSI Awarded 2012 Manufacturer of the Year

 Annual Honor Recognizes Companies for Excellence in Manufacturing and Willingness to Share Knowledge and Experiences with Fellow Manufacturers 

Shoreview, MN- TSI Incorporated, an industry leader in the design and production of precision measurement tools, was recently awarded the prestigious Manufacturer’s Alliance Association’s “Manufacturer of the Year” award in the medium size company category for 2012. The award was conferred to TSI for performance in a number of areas, particularly for TSI’s demonstrated openness in sharing experiences and information in an effort to support fellow manufacturers. 

“TSI is honored to receive this award and be acclaimed as Manufacturer of the Year by the Manufacturers Alliance Association of Minnesota,” said Tom Kennedy, president of TSI Incorporated.  “This award reflects TSI’s ongoing commitment to excellence in manufacturing, the incomparable leadership in TSI’s Manufacturing and Operations functions, and the efforts of all employees in these critical areas.  By identifying problem areas and implementing solutions suited to TSI’s complex manufacturing environment, TSI is able to achieve a higher level of business performance overall. We are pleased to share such experiences with other companies in order to strengthen the local manufacturing community.”   

The Manufacturer of the Year Award will be presented to TSI on April 12, 2012 by Sandy Martin, mayor of Shoreview, Minnesota during the annual awards ceremony at Wooddale Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota. 

About Manufacturers Alliance Association 

For over twenty years, the Manufacturers Alliance (MA) association in Minnesota has provided local manufacturers with practical peer-to-peer education, training, networking and resources. Since its inception, the Alliance has enrolled entire companies, versus individuals, so that it can affect the whole enterprise. The unique approach draws primarily from peer-to-peer experiential learning, that is, manufacturers helping each other in non-proprietary ways to improve universal processes.   The Manufacturers Alliance annual Manufacturer of the Year awards ceremony brings local manufacturers together to celebrate and to recognize companies that share information and experiences to strengthen the Minnesota manufacturing community. For more information on the Manufacturers Alliance Association, visit the associations website at www.mfrall.com.  


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