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Occupational Health & Safety

Responsibility for worker health and safety is a tough job that demands you know the facts. Occupational health and safety investigations are conducted to evaluate workplace health and safety conditions as they relate to workers' exposure to chemical, physical, and biological hazards during a work shift.


Helping Provide Occupational Health and Safety Solutions

TSI occupational hygiene instruments help with the selection and implementation of effective workplace engineering controls, as well as the selection, use, and limitations of personal protective equipment.

Occupational Hygiene Instruments for a Thorough Investigation

  • Occupational health and safety monitoring equipment is used to assess, characterize, and evaluate work areas and indoor environments, such as indoor air quality (IAQ), by measuring temperature and humidity as well as a wide variety of aerosols, gases, and ventilation metrics.
  • Respirator fit testing equipment is used to quantitatively and qualitatively test the integrity of respirator fit. Quantitative fit testing instruments are used not only to conduct respirator fit testing but as a training tool to ensure that optimum respirator fit can be achieved.

Real Time Solutions for Immediate Answers

TSI assists the occupational health and safety professional by supplying a variety of real-time instruments for work area monitoring, personal exposure monitoring, indoor air quality and outdoor fugitive emissions monitoring. They measure airborne dust/aerosol mass concentrations along with gas concentration in various workplace and environmental settings.



Introducing the SidePak™ AM520 Personal Aerosol Monitor ----the perfect solution for real-time, personal aerosol sampling in a variety of workplace environments.


Do you wear an N95 respirator?

PortaCount N95 Wearers

If you do, it has to fit properly to protect you. To be sure, use the PortaCount ® Respirator Fit Tester 8038.



IAQ Handbook

Learn more about IAQ analysis, and how TSI real-time instruments provide the immediate feedback and trending analysis to facilitate instant corrective action.

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