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PowerView 1.4MP Camera 630066

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Product Details

TSI's PowerView™ 1.4MP Camera offers 1376 × 1040 pixel resolution and 12-bit intensity dynamic range, short frame straddling times, and long exposure times for PIV and PLIF applications. The PowerView 1.4MP camera operates at ten frames per second and has 1.4 megapixel spatial resolution with a 1376 × 1040 pixel format. The 12-bit dynamic range for each pixel ensures accurate imaging of both small and large particles in the flow. Thus, particle images are better defined and the velocity vectors are calculated more accurately.

A cooled CCD helps minimize camera noise and, coupled with high quantum efficiency, the PowerView 1.4MP camera is ideally suited for PLIF measurements. The camera can be operated by TSI's INSIGHT 3G™ Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software in either a frame-straddled or single-frame mode. In single-frame mode for PLIF imaging, full control of the exposure time allows single shot and multiple shot on CCD integration.

Features and Benefits

  • High quantum efficiency
  • Low noise
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • Frame-straddled and single frame modes
  • Full integration and software control


  • PIV
  • PLIF
  • MicroPIV
  • Stereoscopic PIV

Included Items

  • Model 630066 Camera
  • Camera lens
  • Frame grabber
  • Power supply and cables
  • All necessary interface cables

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