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ProRaman-L High Performance Raman Analyzer PRO-L-5B1S-162

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The ProRaman-L is a highly sensitive, high-performance Raman spectrometer. The laboratory-grade analyzer has a small benchtop footprint, but handles big analysis jobs with accurate, fast, and repeatable measurements. With the best signal-to-noise characteristics on the market for Raman instruments, the ProRaman-L is an excellent choice at an affordable price.

Product Details

The ProRaman-L features a high sensitivity CCD spectrograph with CCD cooling temperature to -60º C. It features high-throughput laboratory fiber optics probes. Each ProRaman-L system includes a notebook computer pre-loaded with RamanReader software for operation. The excitation laser is available at 532 nm and 785 nm.

ProRaman-L instruments are ideal for demanding Raman analysis in academic, research, industrial laboratories and process line requiring an affordable, high performance Raman instrument.

Features and Benefits
  • Best signal-to-noise characteristics of any laboratory Raman instrument
  • Accurate, fast, repeatable Raman measurements
  • High-sensitivity Raman system for laboratory & chemical process monitoring
  • HRP-8 high-throughput laboratory probe ( O.D. > 8 )
  • Best performance/cost ratio
  • Compact, reliable and easy-to-use
  • On-line process control, including PAT measurement opportunities: structural determination, polymorphic forms, hydrogenation, aqueous solution measurement, phase transformation and reaction monitoring
  • Drug and pharmaceutical product manufacturing, including lyophilization, fermentation, drug distribution in products such as dermal patches, formulation, blending, and head space analysis
  • Chemical industry: polymerization and synthesis progress
  • Geological, mineral and gemstone ID, pharmaceutical, carbon nanotubes and graphene production
  • Biology
  • Solar cells
  • Paper & pulp
  • Many more potential uses and applications

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