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Process Aerosol Monitor 3375

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Process Aerosol Monitor 3375

Product Details

The Process Aerosol Monitor 3375 (PAM) measures high-concentration, monodisperse aerosol, like that produced with our Condensation Monodisperse Aerosol Generator* (CMAG) Model 3475 and other Sinclair-LaMer-type generators. The PAM is a process instrument that monitors aerosols on-line, measuring particle size and concentration in real time. It validates particle size and concentration and helps confirm that the CMAG is working properly. It is also suitable for monitoring an aerosol while making adjustments to the generator's operating parameters.

*Availability is limited in Europe.

Features and Benefits

  • Measures high-concentration, monodisperse aerosol
  • Provides real-time measurements of particle size and concentration
  • CMAG accessory


  • Validation of particle size and concentration
  • Monitoring operating parameters of monodisperse aerosol generators

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