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Laser - High Repetition Rate YLF Dual Laser


Product Details

The TSI Model YLF-HS High Repetition Rate Dual Laser is one component of TSI High Frame Rate PIV systems. The laser provides two consecutive laser pulses with pulse separation from nanosecond intervals to the millisecond range to accommodate for a range of velocity measurements. The frequency of the laser pulses can be from 1,000 Hz to 10,000 Hz, dependent upon the image capture rate of the high speed camera used with the system. The laser pulse energy level can be as high as 12 mJ so that proper illumination of the flow field can be achieved. Operation of the YLF-HS laser is through the TSI INSIGHT™ 3G Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software via RS-232 control with the Model 610035 LaserPulse™ Synchronizer. The INSIGHT 3G software offers control for laser energy, pulse frequency and on/off operation of the laser.

Features and Benefits  

  • Dual laser cavities offer flexibility in pulse separation
  • Pulse frequency from 1,000 Hz to 10,000 Hz
  • Pulse energy up to 12 mJ per laser pulse
  • Compact design of the laser head and power supply
  • Separate chiller for cooling (provided as part of the laser system)
  • Complete computer control via RS-232
  • Complete operation through the INSIGHT 3G software


  • High frame rate PIV measurements
  • Time resolved PIV measurements
  • Global flow measurements
  • Global Laser Induced Fluorescent measurements
  • Velocity measurements for low speed and high speed flows
  • Time history and frequency analysis of flows
  • Time history for quantitative measurements of concentration, temperature and other species
  • IC engine research
  • Wind tunnel and water tunnel flow research
  • Rotating machinery research

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