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PowerView HS-3000 Camera


Product Details

The PowerView™ HS-3000 High Frame Rate Camera offers high-speed image capture for PIV and PLIF applications. It has 1024 × 1024 pixel resolution, 10-bit digitization and 8-bit output, along with frame rates from 3,000 to 250,000 frames per second with the standard 2.6 GB memory and FireWire® interface. The HS-3000 is equipped with an integrated sensor-protective mask and F-mount lens mount and comes standard with a Nikon® 50-mm lens and all interface cables.

Features and Benefits

  • High speed image capture for PIV and PLIF applications
  • Frame rate from 3000 to 250000 fps
  • 2.6 GB image storage in the camera, expandable to 16 GB
  • Protective mask prevents fatal damage to the CMOS array by laser light
  • 10-bit digitization and 8-bit output
  • Single and dual (stereo) camera configurations


  • Time-resolved PIV measurements
  • Time-resolved PLIF measurements
  • Time-resolved combined PIV and PLIF measurements
  • Time-resolved microPIV measurements

Included Items

  • Model HS-3000 Camera
  • Built-in protective mask
  • Camera lens
  • Power supply and cables
  • All necessary interface cables


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