Oil Droplet Generator 9307

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Product Details

TSI's Oil Droplet Generator 9307 produces large quantities of oil droplets for seeding flows when making PIV or LDV measurements. It is ideal for seeding high-speed flows during PIV measurements when large numbers of seed particles are required.

It is a general purpose atomizer that utilizes a Laskin nozzle to generate droplets for flow seeding. Pressurized air atomizes oil in the generator reservoir to produce the droplets. An internal impactor plate blocks large droplets from getting into the droplet stream exiting the device, allowing it to generate particles with a reasonably narrow size distribution. A larger particle output volume can generally be obtained without seriously affecting the droplet size range by increasing the inlet pressure. A valve and pressure gauge arrangement provides an easy way to control the inlet air pressure.

Droplet Generators with single (Model 9307) and six jets (Model 9307-6) are available.

Features and Benefits

  • Variable droplet output for seed density optimization
  • Generates large number of droplets for seeding high-speed flows
  • Reasonably narrow size distribution


  • PIV or LDV measurements in high-speed flows
  • Wind tunnel experiments
  • Seeding large flow areas

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