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TSI Trusted Brands: Alnor®, Airflow™, AND CHEMLOGIX™ 

HVAC contractors, commissioning agents, facility personnel, building engineers, safety officers and industrial hygienists around the world use and trust TSI®, Alnor® and Airflow™ brand instruments.

ChemLogix™ simplify complex chemical analysis with solutions for the lab and field.

Airflow Instruments

In 2005, TSI Incorporated acquired the Instrument Division of Airflow Developments Limited, combining over 90 years of expertise and innovation in air measurement solutions. Through investment in research and development, we continually seek new ways of measuring airflow and other ventilation parameters. Today, Airflow Instruments are manufactured to the stringent requirements of ISO9001. Airflow products are accurate, high quality, contractor-grade instruments used by a wide range of customers. 


Alnor Instruments (originally called Illinois Testing Laboratories) began operation in 1919. Over the years, Alnor Instruments have set the standards of performance in HVAC test and balancing. In 1995, the Alnor Instrument Company was acquired by TSI Incorporated. Today the long tradition of providing reliable, durable, affordable Alnor® brand instrumentation continues at the TSI manufacturing, engineering, sales and service in Shoreview, Minnesota USA.


The ChemLogix brand of instruments, a family of chemical analysis solutions, includes both Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectrometers and Raman Spectrometers capable of providing rapid elemental and chemical analysis of materials for use in both the lab and the field.  The ChemLogix instruments was developed following a series of product acquisitions from PhotonMachines and Enwave Optronics.

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