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PLIF System Combustion Measurement

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Product Details

The TSI Global Combustion Species Analyzer (GCSA) is designed to meet the research needs of anyone needing a fully integrated system that provides global species measurements in mixing, materials processing, heat/mass transfer, and combustion environments. GCSA uses planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) to provide global concentration measurement of specific species of interest in the laser sheet region. The system consists of three integrated sub-systems: the Illumination System, the Imaging System, and the Display and Analysis System.

The GSCA system was designed not only to satisfy your immediate research needs, but also to facilitate future expansion to perform additional measurements as your research objectives evolve. The Illumination System is an integrated unit that includes a Nd:YAG laser, dye laser to provide tunable wavelength control from 420 nm to 750 nm, and frequency doubling unit to extend the wavelength range from 217 nm to 750 nm.

 The Imaging System is ideal for fluorescence measurements in vapor phase environments, featuring a CCD camera with internal intensifier capable of very short gate times (down to 3 ns) in order to capture short-lived fluorescence signals, to increase the low signal levels of trace-level species, and to limit the influence of extraneous light sources such as flame luminosity.

The system is fully integrated into a single unit through the revolutionary Insight 4G Global Imaging software platform, which not only provides data analysis and display capabilities, but also directly controls the hardware components for simple system operation. The system is easily expandable to allow the measurement of additional species. Fluorescence filters are available for common species such as OH, CH, and Formaldehyde. Common GCSA measurements include species measurements, fuel distribution or concentration mapping, and flame front detection. The user can switch between these by installing the appropriate optical camera filter, and in some cases switching to a different laser dye.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides global measurements of scalar quantities such as pH and species
  • Advanced analysis algorithms to account for camera noise, background signals, spatial variations in laser sheet intensity, temporal variations in laser pulse energy
  • User-programmable image analysis schemes for maximum experimental flexibility
  • Full range of camera support, including all TSI intensified and un-intensified cameras
  • Seamless integration with TSI PIV systems for simultaneous global velocity measurements
  • Excitation wavelength flexibility from UV into IR


  • Combustion diagnostics
  • Combustion analysis
  • Species measurements


Required Components

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