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Time-Resolved V3V System

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Over the years, TSI's 3-camera V3V systems have produced significant results in 3D3C measurements for air and water flows.  In conjunction with the 3-camera V3V system, TSI's state-of-the-art 4-camera based volumetric PIV system,with enhanced spatial and temporal resolution, meets the increasingly challenging requirements for fluid flow research in air and liquid.  Its flexibility arrangement allows different camera configurations to achieve the optimal measurement volume and spatial resolution required for your measurements.  Whether the system is configured with high-speed cameras for time-resolved measurement with high temporal resolution, or is equipped with high-pixel resolution cameras for the exploration of ultra fine structure of the flow field, this system can provide users with 3D3C results quickly and accurately.  The capabilities of the new 4-camera volumetric PIV system are designed to meet your most challenging flow measurement requirements.


  • Flexible camera configurations for the 4- camera arrangement, for optimal measurement volume size of over hundreds of mm 3 and spatial resolution down to 0.5 mm
  • Variety of hardware allows users to choose between high-temporal or spatial resolution, or both
  • High-temporal resolution with image capture from a wide range of high-speed cameras, from 1kHz to 10kHz capture rates, giving time-resolved capability for tracking unsteady flows
  • Wide selection of high-pixel resolution cameras; Powerview 4MP-LS, 8MP, 16MP and 29MP-LS
  • Individual Scheimpflug mount arrangement on all the cameras for the best focus of particles in the 3D volume
  • Optional system configuration for 3-camera arrangement, with flexible housing for customized volume size and spatial resolution
  • Expandable from the 3-camera based V3V-TS or CS system with the same camera hardware and calibration system


  • Turbulent boundary layers
  • Flow/body interactions
  • Internal flows
  • Biological flows

Please refer to the system brochure and specification sheet for more details on the system.



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