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NOW AVAILABLE! ChemLite Field Standardization Kit

ChemLite Field Kit

Fine tune your ChemLite™ Analyzer to ensure peak performance with an easy-to-use, conveniently packaged standardization kit that includes Standards Manager Software and Arconic Certified Reference Materials (CRMs).

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ChemLite™ Plus Laser Metals Analyzer (Model 4240)


Product Details

The ChemLite™ Plus Metals Analyzer Model 4240 incorporates new, high-performance hardware for measuring aluminum, magnesium, titanium, iron, copper and nickel; faster measurements in as little as 1 second; and higher sensitivity and more accurate readings with improved limits of detection. The ChemLite Plus device also incorporates the same great features as the original ChemLite model, including: Class 1M, eye-safe laser technology; argon-free operation; advanced user interface; built-in cleaning mode; and largest spot size. Ensure all materials used in your operation are what they need to be with the fast and easy-to-use ChemLite Plus analyzer.



  • Measures more base metals including iron, copper, and nickel
  • Faster, variable measurement speeds in as little as 1 second, 2 second, or 3 second intervals
  • More precise analysis with detection limits as low as 0.001%
  • Detects lithium in aluminum at 0.0001% or 1ppm
  • Detects beryllium in aluminum at 0.0001% or 1ppm
  • Detects beryllium in copper at 0.001% or 10ppm
  • Eye-safe, Class 1M laser product
  • 5" color touchscreen display
  • Argon-free operation
  • Rugged, ergonomic design


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