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GasRaman NOCH-2 Portable Gas-Phase Process Raman Analyzer GASR-NOCH2-01

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The GasRaman NOCH-2 is a portable gas phase process Raman spectrometer. The NOCH-2 is the field version of the NOCH-1 .  It is delivered in a rugged Pelican case for protection at the job site. The NOCH-2 can also operate with batteries.

Product Details

The NOCH-2 GasRaman spectrometer system is ideal for academic, research, industrial, and other applications. Our customers use the NOCH-2 gas phase process spectrometer for laboratory and/or gas phase Raman analysis at an affordable price. It is a high-performance tool sturdily built for heavy use in the lab and in the field, making it especially useful for training and teaching.

Features and benefits

The GasRaman NOCH-2 Raman spectrometer has the following features:

  • 532 nm diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser
  • High Rayleigh rejection fiber optic probe
  • Miniature high-resolution spectrometer achieving up to ~10 cm -1 average optical resolution
  • Detector temperature to -60 degrees C
  • Average spectral resolution from ~250 to 4,200 cm -1


  • Academic
  • Research
  • Industrial

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