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Application Notes

Raman App Notes

Learn more about our Raman instruments and the many applications in which they are used by reading our library of application notes.

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EZRaman-H General Purpose Handheld Raman Analyzer

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Product Details

The EZRaman-H is a handheld Raman analyzer for general purpose, including rapid material identification and verification in a wide variety of environments and applications. Applicable uses include raw materials identity verification, inspection of intermediate and final products, process troubleshooting, counterfeit detection, and teaching.

Simply put: the EZRaman-H is easy to use. The non-invasive point-and-shoot sampling facilitates rapid verification of a broad range of chemical compounds. The EZRaman-H analyzer is aso a rugged, and powerful handheld Raman analyzer and is an ideal choice for industrial chemicals and other applications requiring a high performance and affordable handheld Raman analyzer.

Features and Benefits

  • High sensitivity / Fast and accurate material ID
  • Built-in calibration / easy transfer to other EZRaman-H analyzers
  • Easily operated by non-technical staff / lower operating costs
  • Measures samples through transparent containers / reduces potential contamination and personal exposure


  • Incoming raw materials identification
  • At-line sampling and final products inspection
  • Counterfeit identification
  • Teaching


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